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Queer Voices at Gloucester Pride

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Chris Hunt and Suzanne Pickering-McCulloch here for Queer Voices Gloucestershire Choir at Gloucester Pride. Warm and sunny and so are the smiles from crowd. We are down here at our stall in Gloucester park collecting new names for our mailing list. 

Lots of people interested but so many say: ‘I can’t sing - I only sing in the shower. ‘   Everybody can sing so bring that voice out of the shower and let it shine! Beginners welcome and for many of us we are just finding our voice.  Zora is brilliant and builds thing up slowly and before you know it you are singing three part harmony to your new favourite song.  So come along this Wednesday night 5th October  7.30pm and the Gloucester Quaker Meeting house on Greyfriars. See you there singing! Shout out to Rachel in Tewkesbury who really wants to come but needs transport. Calling out to aspiring divas in the Tewkesbury area to come along. 

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